About pledge registry

According to the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On pledge registry" and the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No.155 dated June 12, 2014, the SUE "Pledge registry" was created under the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

SUE "Pledge registry" located in Tashkent, according to the following address: Tashkent, Islam Karimov Street, 6 
SUE "Pledge registry" provides round-the-clock continuous operation of the pledge registry via the Internet. Website of the SUE "Pledge registry" is located in the area of TAS-IX and has a domain name "garov.uz".
Also, SUE "Pledge registry”:
provides access to the pledge registry for making an entry on the basis of the contract concluded with each legal entity or individual, as well as for use in real time, including through the information network Internet;
provides legal entities and individuals with consulting services on the use of the pledge registry;
explains to the addressed legal entities and physical persons consequences of making entries into the pledge registry;
provides the ability to search for information in the pledge registry by the identification number of the taxpayer-debtor or the unique registration number of the entry;
provides the user with information in electronic form and, if necessary, in hard copy about the entry.
The pledge registry is a single information database containing entries of creditors' rights to property of debtors, provided as a security for the performance of obligations, as well as imposed in accordance with the law restriction of the debtor's rights to dispose of property and use it, as well as other requirements related to ensuring the proper performance of obligations by the debtor.
Access to the pledge registry, except for the function of searching for an entry in the pledge registry, is carried out only through the user's personal account. The user can have only one personal account.
All persons have the right to search for an entry in the pledge registry without restriction. At the same time, access to other functions of the pledge registry, including the issuance of an extract from the pledge registry based on the search results, is provided to persons who have passed the registration and authorization procedure.
Personal account allows the user - an individual, administrator and registrar of the user-legal entity:
to make, edit and delete entries in the pledge registry;
to search for entries in the pledge registry;
to extract from the pledge registry according to the results of an entry search;
to view information about the entries that the user has made, including reports about the entries that have been made and alerts about changes and cancellations of entries;
to make objections to the entries on the rights of creditors to the property of the user in cases provided by law;
to change your access password.
In addition to these functions, the user-individual or administrator of the user-legal entity has the right through the personal account:
to change user credentials (payment details, address, phone, e-mail, identification data), administrators and registrars;
to add or exclude registrars of the user - legal entity;
to get acquainted with the information about the user's payments for the use of the registry.
At the request of the user searching for information in the pledge registry, SUE "Pledge registry" may submit the search results in the form of an extract on paper or electronic form.
SUE "Pledge registry" has the right to change or exclude entries in the pledge registry only on the basis of the relevant court decision.
In case of submission of incorrect information during user registration and opening of personal account, SUE "Pledge registry" shall be entitled, upon proper request of the consumer, to make the necessary corrections in the registration data (OKPO code, TIN, name, etc.). In this case, the user must submit supporting documents.

Control and technical support of the activities of the pledge registry are carried out by SUE "Pledge registry". Also, SUE "Pledge registry" provides storage of all entries, including their making, change and cancellation, within five years after exception of entries from the pledge registry.