Report on the activities of the State Unitary Enterprise "Pledge registry" at the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017


In accordance with the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On pledge registry", as well as with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No.155 dated June 12, 2014 "On measures for the implementation of the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On pledge registry", 24-hour continuous activity of the pledge registry via the Internet and Bank telecommunication is provided during 2017.

Implementation of the activities of the pledge registry is made through the Internet. Website of the SUE "Pledge registry" is located in the area of TAS-IX and has a domain name "".

SUE "Pledge registry" during the reporting year:

-  access to the pledge registry was provided for making an entry on the basis of the contract concluded with each legal entity or individual who applied, as well as for using it in real time, including through the Internet;

-  legal entities and individuals were provided with consulting services on the use of the pledge registry;

-  legal entities and individuals were explained the benefits of making entries in the pledge registry;

-  created conditions for searching information in the pledge registry by the identification number of the taxpayer-debtor, or the unique registration number of the entry;

-  provided information to users about the entry.

In order to use the pledge registry, 172 persons were registered, including 18 persons in 2017, and private offices were opened for them.

Currently, all commercial banks, micro-credit organizations and pawnshops, as well as other organizations, enterprises and individuals use the services of the pledge registry.

From commercial banks and microcredit organizations, according to the pledge agreement concluded with the debtor, the entry shall be made in the pledge registry in the prescribed manner.

Today, commercial banks use the created opportunities in making entries in the pledge registry, as well as changing and deleting entries through internal operating systems.

More than 418 thousand entries have been made by the users in the pledge registry, 157 thousand have been made to the entries, and in connection with the fulfillment of the pledged obligations over 85 thousand entries have been excluded from the pledge registry. Also, users provided more than 3.8 thousand extracts from the pledge registry.

In particular, in 2017, the pledge registry made more than 103 thousand entries, more than 87 thousand changes were made to the entries, in connection with the execution of pledge obligations, about 25 thousand entries were excluded from the pledge registry and more than 1.1 thousand extracts from the pledge registry were provided to users.

94.5 percent of the entries in the pledge registry were made by commercial banks and 5.4 percent by microcredit organizations.

The Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan paid attention to removing obstacles and restrictions in the development of entrepreneurship and private property, reducing the role of the state in the economy, increasing the share of private property, including foreign capital in the gross domestic product.

The creation of the pledge registry in Uzbekistan has provided the banking and financial system with another necessary infrastructure in accordance with international standards, reduced the risks of creditors, increased the volume of loans to business entities secured by any of their property, formed an independent information base on pledge, accelerated lending processes.

It should be noted that the results achieved in the development of the pledge registry in Uzbekistan are highly appreciated by international experts on the IFC pledge registry.

In 2018, in order to improve the efficiency of the pledge registry, the State Unitary Enterprise "Pledge registry" provides the following:

- introduction of “Billing system” for users of individuals in the pledge registry;

- introduction to the software package of the pledge registry of the mobile application;

- further improvement of the pledge registry and an increase in more user-friendly conditions in accordance with international practice.


А. Mamatov


SUE "Pledge registry”